Triva Edit

The Giant is a Black Ops 3 remake of the map Der Riese from COD World At War

The Giant can only (currently) be obtained by the Season Pass

Pack-A-Punch Edit

Pack-A-Punch is relatively easy on this map. To do it, you must activate all the teleporters

Step 1 Edit

Firstly, turn on power by opening two doors and a debris costing 2500 Points. Hop off of the perk platform and turn on power.

Step 2 Edit

Secondly, Open a door behind power costing 1250 Points and hold X or Square in the teleporter. You only have 25 Seconds to run back to spawn and hold X or Square on the Teleporter Pad.

Step 3 Edit

Next, Open a door costing 750 Points, up the stairs of the debris and to the right. Do the same as before. Hold X or Square on the teleporter and run to the Spawn.

Step 4 Edit

Lastly, Open 3 Doors costing 3250 Points. It is to the left of the Teleporter Pad. Do the same as before on the Teleporter, Pack-A-Punch is open!

Annihilator Edit

Annihilator is obtained by doing the Fly-Trap easter egg.

  1. Go to the door you opened to the left. There is a barrier. Pack-A-Punch a gun with a good range and shoot next to the building, a voice will speak.
  2. Go to the Step 4 teleporter and shoot the cymbal monkey underneath the teleporter
  3. Go to the Step 2 Teleporter. Look up at a building and shoot the Teddy Bear
  4. Go to the Step 3 Teleporter. Shoot the Teddy Bear in the well of water as you enter.
  5. Go to the furnace room and inside the incinerator is the Annihilator.

To activate The Annihilator, press LB and RB together.

Boss Mobs Edit

In The Giant there is only 1 Boss Mob, The Hell Hound. The Hell Hound comes every 4,5 or 6 Rounds. At the end of the round, it drops a Max Ammo

Strategy Edit

In The Giant, there are multiple spots for a great strategy to get to high rounds. Starting with the most popular and well known spot...

The Catwalk Edit

One of the most recognizable spots on any Zombies map, is the Catwalk. The Catwalk is a camping spot. It is located at Step 2's teleporter. The reason it is very popular is because you have to look in one direction & fire. I suggest using LMG's and/or powerful guns. For a list of powerful guns, see Weapons in Misc.

Spawn Edit

Spawn is a great spot for training, though it can get quite risky. The rotation of training goes as follows:

  1. Go up the pack a punch stairs.
  2. Jump off of the left hole in the bars
  3. Walk up the next set of stairs
  4. Jump off of the stairs and run back to the PAP stairs.

Courtyard Edit

I'm calling it the courtyard, but by this I mean the space outside The Catwalk or (if you prefer) the space by Power. Simply run around in a square and kill zombies. Again, you can look at Weapons in Misc to see wich guns we recommend for training.