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Shadows Of Evil is the first map in Black Ops 3 Zombies. It is on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 & PS4.

Shadows Of Evil is considered to be one of the harder maps, due to the rituals and items that must be picked up in order to Pack-A-Punch and play the game properly.

Shadows Of Evil introduced Beast Mode

Pack-A-Punch Edit

Considered to be a quite difficult Pack-A-Punch, this is how you do it.

In order to unlock Pack-A-Punch (PAP), you must complete the 4 Rituals around the map. Every Ritual you will receive a Gateworm, wich you will place inside of the PAP room.

Ritual 1 Edit

Ritual 1 is located at above the spawn. You must open the first door wich costs 500 Points, to get into the Junction. Then activate Beast Mode inside the spawn room or next to Stamin-Up at the back of the Junction, near the Rift.At Spawn, there is a truck with a crate, melee it. In the middle of the Junction there is a hole with lots of Machinery inside of it. Use Beast Mode and Zap the flaring red Power Box. Turn exactly 180 degrees from the Power Box and there is a Grappling Hook. Grapple up. Run up the stairs, through the Ritual room and onto the stairs, wich you can see behind you when you first spawn. From here, Zap the Red Power Box and the stairs will open for your player to walk up. Now go to the truck and pick up the Summoning Key, go to the Machinery and pick up the Gold Fountain Pen, then run up to the stairs you opened and into the Ritual Room. Place the Gold Fountain Pen onto the Ritual Table and train the GateKeepers around the room, until there is a loud sound. A person will explode and you can pick up your first GateWorm

Ritual 2 Edit

Ritual 2 is located at the first door to the right, if you go from where you spawn. Go into the Junction, turn right and there is a big door. Open it (1000 Points). Behind that door is another door costing 1250 Points. You are in a very dangerous area so be cautious at all times. On a platform, behind the 1250 Points door, is a Beast Totem. Activate it and you should see a grapple. Look at the door you opened and look up, grapple up there and melee the box. Next, run off of the platform and run down a slope. Melee the door with iron chains. Hold B If unwanted Beast is still active. Go to the box you melee'd a pick up the Champion belt. Run down the slope and into the ritual room you open with the iron door. Place your Belt and do the ritual, as before with Ritual 1. WARNING A MARGWA WILL SPAWN AFTER COMPLETION! This means you will have to take the GateWorm before he spawns. Look at How To Kill A Margwa for more info on how to do this.

Ritual 3 Edit

Ritual 3 is located to the right, near Stamin-Up, once again there is a door with 1000 Points and a door behind with 1250 Points. You will be in a huge car park. In the center is a Beast Totem. Activate it. Look at the huge building with a sign saying Black Lace Burblesque. Grapple up and zap the power. Jump of the building and run to the 1250 point door you just opened Grapple up the stairs and run up the stairs. You should see a small ramp. Run and jump off of it an melee the box. Run back over to the box and pick up the Toupee. Run to the Black Lace Burblesque and ho inside. Put your Toupee onto the table and complete the ritual. Take the GateWorm and move onto the last ritual.

Ritual 4 Edit

Ritual 4 is located at the Canal district to he left of the Junction. Spend 1000 points on the door and activate the Beast Totem and hop into the Canals. Firstly, there is a vent with a small icon on it (In Beast Mode) melee it and the door next to it. Run over to a set of stairs and there is a swirling yellow light. Go inside and zap the Power. Pick up the item you melee'd and run over to a door with huge buildings around. (This Next Part Depends If You're Solo Or Multiplayer) Do the ritual as normal, MARGWA WILL SPAWN!

Solo Edit

Activate the Beast Totem, Grapple up the to Building With Stairs. Run Down sets of stairs and there is a Red Power Box. Zap it and the stairs open.

Multiplayer Edit

Tell your friend to Activate the Beast Totem, Tell them to Grapple up the to Building With Stairs. Tell them to Run Down sets of stairs and there is a Red Power Box. Tell them to Zap it and the stairs open. If not you can wait until the next round to do this.

Pack-A-Punch Room Edit

Go to the iron door you hit in the conals and hold X or Square to open the Rift. Go Inside and there is a door with glowing yellow symbols. It takes a second to open... Now place your GateWorms on the Beast looking totems, and wall run over the golden wall. Place your last 2 Worms on the Totems. Go across to the ritual table in the same room and place the Apothican Stone (Summoning Key) A ritual will begin. Complete it and a Margwa will spawn. Pack-A-Punch is now open!

How To Kill A Margwa Edit

Margwas have been introduced into Shadows Of Evil. They are a boss mob. To kill them you have to kill each head (3 Heads). He will open his mouths and you will see yellow. Shoot his head when you see this.

Pop Shocks Edit

Pop Shocks is a default, mega Gobble Gum. It is yellow and electrocuted near-by Zombies. This Goble Gum instantly kills a Margwa. Eat a Pop Shocks Gobblegum and knife a Margwa. His heads will be electrocuted individually and he will die. Beware though, you have to wait roughly 2 seconds for him to die, meaning he could kill you!

Apothican Servant (Wonder Weapon) Edit

The Wonder Weapon of Shadows Of Evil is the Apothican Servant. It creates a huge purple orb that sucks Zombies in, effectively killing them.

Margwa Heart Edit

Obtain a Margwa Heart by killing a Margwa, It usually drops on your first Margwa, simply Hold X or Square to pick it up.

Xenomatter Edit

Obtain Xenomatter by killing Parasites. It looks like green orbs and is quite rare.

Margwa Tentacle Edit

Obtain a Margwa Tentacle by picking up a Fumigator and waiting for one of the pods to turn Purple.

Crafting Edit

Craft it by having all parts picked up and go to a crafting station. Just hold X and the weapon will be created. Remeber you will have to switch out a weapon for the Apothican Servant.