What Are The Bows? Edit

The Bow (also known as Wrath Of The Ancients) is the maps wonder weapon. Find out how to obtain it by clicking here. This page will show you how to upgrade the Bows into the Lightning, Skull (Void), Fire & Wolf Bow.

The Skull (Void) Bow Edit

1. Get Wrath Of Ancients bow.

2. Go to spawn, where Double Tap is and shoot the slanted roof with a purple symbol.

3. Go to the mineshaft next to the first courtyard, upstairs and leave, past mule kick and there should be a purple square on the floor.

4. Melee kill a zombie that is standing on the purple square and the square vanishes. Hold X or Square on the urn and it flys up.

5. Get keeper skulls scattered around the map.

 - Near mule kick and a broken wall, hold X or Square on it

 - First courtyard, near vmp, through to power on a toy chest, hold X or Square on it.

 - Next to double tap, near a wooden plank, hold X or Square.

 - Near computer room, on a window outside, hold X or Square on it.

 - Teleporter room, in a sink, hold X or Square on it.

 - Rocket test site, back of a truck, hold X or Square on it.

6. Bring 6 crawlers back to the urn near mule kick, and the heads will kill them, Use a Ray Gun, Bow or Crawl Space Gobblegum to get some easy crawlers.

7. Once this is completed a voice will speak saying 3 words...

Remember them and write them down in the order they are said.

8. Continue playing and zombies will drop symbols.

9. Go to the computer room and into the power (trophy) room. There will be knights there.

10. Hold X or Square on the knights with the WORDS YOU HAVE WRITTEN DOWN. They will show symbols.

11. Go back to mule kick and shoot the symbols on the ground w/ Wrath Of Ancients.

12. Hold X or Square on the arrow and take it to the underground.

13. Put it on a chest by a Gate Keeper pillar and kill zombies around it.

Fire Bow Edit

1. Get Wrath Of Ancients bow.

2. Go to the Clock Twoer, Shoot the back of the clock and a Fire Arrow comes out. Hold X or Square to pick it up.

3. Go to the Rocket Launch Ground, wait for a Test Fire to go off, just as it finished go outside and to the right there is a flaming rock. Shoot it with the bow. It will fly off into the sky.

4. There are 3 Rings

- The First is by the slope, leading up to Double Tap

- The Second is behind The Death Ray

- The Third is outside The Clocktower, by a landing pad and Wonderfizz machine

You need to hit the rings, while in the air, using a wonder sphere. The rings will light up, upon hitting them.

5. Kill zombies around the 3 rings you've lit up, 10 Zombies should be enough

6. Hold X or Square on the gear that you broke to get the arrow, a symbol will appear. Remember it or note it down.

7. Now, go to the location where the symbol you got leads too: See the symbols here

8. Go to one of the fire rings and wait until your screen lights up. Shoot an arrow in the direction of your fireplace. A Small looking meteor will appear, walk up to the meteor until your screen lights up. Keep doing this until you reach your fireplace. You have 4 Shots - 3 to get to the fireplace & 1 to set the fireplace on fire.

9. Upon setting your fireplace on fire, a Max Ammo will appear. Hold X or Square on the fireplace and some arrows will appear

10. Go to one of the suns at one of the rings and hold X or Square on it. It will do a small animation and you will get your arrow.

11. Place the arrow on the Fire Box in tkhe anti-gravity chamber and fill it up with souls.

12. Pick up the filled arrow

Symbols ==

If You Got A Symbol Like This:


> <


Go to Samantha's bedroom, and in the fireplace

If You Got:



Go to the computer lab & inside the fireplace

If You Got:




Wolf Bow Edit

Lightning Bow Edit