Trivia Edit

Der Eisendrache continues the story after The Giant

Der Eisendrache has a wonder weapon called Wrath Of The Ancients

Der Eisendrache is part of DLC 1 Awakening

Pack-A-Punch Edit

Around the map there are 3 teleporters, you must activate them all by holding X or Square.

Teleporter 1 Edit

Teleporter 1 is located at the Death Ray, behind the Power Door

Teleporter 2 Edit

Teleporter 2 is located in the underground, at the anti-gravity room

Teleporter 3 Edit

Teleporter 3 is located at the rocket test fire ground. Get there by teleporting. The teleporter is at the underground part, the door costs 1500 Points. Teleporting costs 500 Points.

Wrath Of The Ancients Edit

Wrath Of The Ancients is obtained by feeding all 3 of the dragon heads.

Dragon Head 1 Edit

Dragon 1 is in the first courtyard, behind the portcullis (1000 Points)

Dragon Head 2 Edit

Dragon 2 is underground, in the anti-gravity chamber

Dragon Head 3 Edit

Dragon 3 is in the computer lab at the back of the room.

The Location Edit

Once all dragons have been fed, the bow will be located behind the knight, when going down to the underground to the first dragon.

Bow Upgrades Edit

We have covered Bow Upgrades on a separate page. Click here to visit it. Note: Not all Bows and their steps have been posted yet...

Boss Mobs Edit

There are a total of 2 Boss Mobs on The Giant.

The Hellhounds Edit

Hell Hounds come every 4, 5 and 6 rounds and drop a Max Ammo at the end

The Panzer Edit

The Panzer comes every few rounds, starting at around Round 12.

How To Kill A Panzer Edit

There are 2 main ways of kill The Panzer on Der Eisendrache

The Bow Edit

The first, more risky method is to use your Wrath Of The Ancients bow and spam it at The Panzer's face.

The Death Ray Edit

The Death Ray is a trap. It is located by the Power room, next to one of the PAP Teleporters. The Death Ray costs 1000 Points to activate. When The Panzer spawns, activate The Death Ray and wait for him to run into it. Upon him stepping on it he will float up and get electrocuted. While this is happening fire you gun or your bow at his face.